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Never before has a power drive system been designed to give you simplicity of use, reliability and ruggedness all at an affordable price.

What makes this trolley drive system so unique is its ability to fit all types of modern trolley types. Packaged in kit form, it can be fitted on site by a competent tradesman or our qualified installers, allowing significant cost savings.

Suitable for a large range of hospital and nursing home appliance and trolley applications, this unique power drive system incorporates the latest technology giving you piece of mind and great value for money.


Simple to use controls ensure safe
easy operation for your staff


On/Off - Forwards/Reverse - Faster/Slower
What could be easier??


Foot operated motor release
allows manual operation for
storage and manoeuvrability

Makes steering the trolley a breeze!



Innovative handle design allows good height adjustment, compact storage as well as much reduced risk of controller damage.


- New ergonomic handle design
- Fits most trollies available
- Rated for up to 250kg capacity
- Adjustable hand control height
- Foot operated manual mode

Suitable for

- Medicine delivery trollies
- Linen delivery trollies
- Food delivery trollies
- Cleaners trollies
- Most types of trollies


Many safety and design features - Long life battery system - Automatic battery charging system - Designed and assembled in Australia - Prompt local service and repair - Comprehensive warranty and service backup



TrolleE power drive kit- each kit includes the following,


· Hub drive motor and controller
· Motor release bracket and pedal
· Easy fit battery box with fuses
· Assembly components pack
· Fully automatic battery charger
· Installation instructions
· Operation manual



Single Drive Installation Instructions

Single Drive Operation Manual

Double Drive Installation Instructions

Double Drive Operation Manual




Physical Specifications

Motor                                             24v hub drive brushed electric motor

Motor mount                                 foot adjustable chromed steel frame

Motor tyre                                     Dupont polyurethane hospital grade tyre

Motor weight                                5.2kg


Controller                                     30A high current PWM controller with safety cutouts

Controller mount                          steel, height and load adjustable

Controller weight                         1.2kg

Speed control 0 - 4.8kmph

Max speed 4.8kmph

Range 5km

Braking electric automatic brake (optional)

Max load single drive 150kg

Max load double drive 250kg

Max incline for use 1:14 gradient

Floor type indoor use dry level surfaces only

Battery single drive 2 x 7.2 Ahr sealed dry batteries

Battery double drive 3 x 7.2 Ahr sealed dry batteries

Battery protection 2 x fuses in battery box

Battery charger single drive
24v automatic battery charger

Battery charger double drive
36v automatic battery charger

Kit weight 10.5kg single drive, 13.5kg double drive

Kit dimensions 395mm x 295mm x 250mm carton



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