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This rubbish bin mover has been designed to fit to most standard wheeled type rubbish bins. It will completely alleviate the requirement for a worker to tip the bin and wheel it along. The simple and yet very effective attachment design will pick up the bin and allow it to be driven around with out the need for tipping

Driving speed is a normal walking pace and the bin mover can easily be stopped by releasing the handle. The battery pack on the bin mover allows a full days use and is easily charged over night.

Driving the Bin Mover


As can be seen from the photos, the operator can maintain a very upright correct posture when driving the bin around.

The handle allows for easy turning and the bin can pivot on its own axis.

Adjustment can be made to the bin mover to accept most bin types and easily locked into place for safe operation

Loads of up to 125Kg can be easily moved with this product



Attaching the bin mover to the bin is very easy.

The upper lugs are guided into the top lip of the bin. The mover can then be driven toward the bin.

The bin will lift and the lower hooks will grab onto the bin.

The bin mover is then locked into position and the drive system can be operated to move the bin

Detaching the bin is the opposite and allows the bins to be placed against the wall ready for their next use.

Idler wheels allow stability and release functions for when the bin mover is not being used.


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